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Anjan Prakash started her career in Ogilvy Advertising and then co-founded Brown Skins – a film production house in Mumbai which produced several commercials for national and international clients. After 16 years in advertising, she realized her way forward was in working at the intersection of Business, Design and Nature. A conservation program at the Durrell Wildlife Institute, volunteer work at the Marine National Park in Seychelles and several other projects later, her vision gained more clarity.

In 2015-2016, she decided to pursue her Masters of Science in Biomimicry with Arizona State University. Simultaneously, she was selected for the prestigious Biomimicry Professional Certification Program of 2016-2018. This is a two year in-person immersion where the Biomimicry Institute mentors a group of eighteen selected students from across the world to become leaders in the Biomimicry practice – the burgeoning discipline that teaches how to find sustainable human design solutions for all disciplines by learning from and emulating Nature.

Currently she divides her time between being a Masters cum Professional Certification student and a Biomimicry Communicator & Facilitator. Her talks and workshops are aimed at educating and informing audiences about how to design better organizations, better products, processes and systems by looking to Nature for time-tested solutions. As a facilitator, she holds the intention of bringing together multidisciplinary professionals to design biomimetic products and systems, knowing fully well that Nature and Business, Nature and Design, Nature and Leadership can co-exist – as that is how life has been conducting business for 3.8 billion years.

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