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Past Talks

9th April 2018


In collaboration with Parsons The New School for Design, New York, ISDI core ideology is creativity, innovation and sustainability. Their mission is to train designers to be able to offer a global perspective to Indian innovations. An invite to talk to their post-graduate students, allowed me to introduce Biomimicry and discuss multi-disciplinary case studies, opening up their minds to how Biomimicry can be integrated into their design work whether one is an architect, product designer, graphic designer, material designer, engineer, systems thinker etc, so long as the intention is to create sustainable life-friendly designs.

16th November, 2017


What is the connection between NATURE AND NURTURE?

When The Health Awareness Centre based in Mumbai announced an Open House on Nature VS Nurture, they decided to collaborate with me on creating a sort of `JUGALBANDI’ presentation, leading the audience on a journey about how Nature understands the environment and context and designs strategies and how that can inform the way we nurture ourselves. How can we learn these time-tested strategies from Nature to Nurture ourselves – physically, mentally and creatively?

This was such a memorable collaboration, bringing the Earth and the Body together, as each does mirror the other.

23rd September 2017

Sustainability in Design Discussion at BARO:

BARO, a furniture boutique store for timeless and contemporary design, has also become a space that nurtures meaningful conversations, kindles beautiful relationships and showcases work of incredibly talented artists bringing together a community of people who are caring, open, informed, encouraging, sensitive to the Earth and carry the intention of finding ways to live and work sustainably. On 23rd September, for the launch of Jenny Pinto’s sustainable lighting products in Baro, Jenny, (the lighting designer), Shimul Jhaveri (an award winning architect with deep respect for nature) and I made our respective presentations about how Nature has shaped our Design Thinking in our respective disciplines, and then opened up the platform to the audience. The discussion on ‘Sustainability in Design’ moved from hopelessness to hope, from economics to ethos, materialism to spirituality, and FINALLY from how we need to change from BEING PASSIVE TO BECOMING ACTIVE – with our everyday life; with policies; with what happens around us; with things we care about; and when that shifts within and we lend a voice to our thoughts, that shift can happen without.

What an enriching discussion, and such a privilege to be a part of it.

19th May, 2017

Edutainment Show, Mumbai

Edutainment Show presented by The Times of India group, is an event curated to offer aspiring students exciting career options. As a part of this show, I was invited to give a talk as well as conduct a workshop. Introducing students and young designers to Biomimicry and how we can look to Nature for human design solutions, I then went onto conduct a 1.5 hour workshop where the students did a deep dive into the Biomimicry Design Thinking process and came up with Nature-inspired solutions to human challenges.

25th April, 2017

Workplace Culture Summit, Mumbai

Ubstransformance organizes conferences and several meets that provides individual learning and relationship building for business networks. At this year’s Workplace Culture Summit, I spoke to an audience largely rooted in HR backgrounds about creating adaptive, resilient and collaborative workplaces. It was wonderful to see how they connected the dots, and were excited to learn more about Biomimicry.

23rd Feb, 2017

Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai

Ecole intuit.lab is a design and visual communication French school that aims to produce high quality graphic designers and visual communication sectors in India. In my talk, I introduced them to Nature’s Design Studio where all living forms understand the context and create designs that are life-centred. Their questions highlighted the need to see things from their perspective, and made me realise how important it is for us to show the younger generation that it is possible to create designs that includes all Life.

9th Feb, 2017

Sustainability Nexus, Mumbai

Sustainability Nexus is a platform that brings people together to address sustainability challenges and create partnerships through online and offline channels. Speaking to them about how Nature creates sustainable designs by following time-tested strategies that are over 3.8 billion years old, the session ended with a beautiful Q&A session that left me deeply enriched from that interaction.

30th January, 2017

C.E.R.E, Mumbai

The Centre for Environmental Research & Education (CERE), works on sustainable projects in urban and rural India by collaborating with different government departments and institutions. I spoke to this highly receptive audience about how we can learn to lead, design workplaces and build relationships in organizations by emulating Nature, and introduced them to Biomimicry.