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23rd October – 23rd November, 2017


Nature has been conducting business and innovating for 3.8 billion years. Over 30 million species inhabit the Earth today, and they have survived the Ice Age, the meteorite strikes and all natural disasters. Social organisms have time and again shown us that they are governed by successful team strategies that ensure distributed leadership with simple rules that allow them to thrive as an organization.

How does Leadership manifest in Nature? In a month-long program that involved a detailed audit, and a Biomimicry in Leadership Program curated for THE HEALTH AWARENESS CENTRE, MUMBAI, the core team was guided through Nature’s Principles, and how that can inform the leadership blueprint of the organization, going forward.

19th May, 2017

Design Studio: Nature’s Genius

A two-hour immersion workshop
Nature’s Design Thinking Lab is 3.8 billion years old. With a clear understanding of the context and the problem, Nature has developed deep strategies that has resulted in designs that are not just sustainable and non-toxic, but also highly elegant and innovative.

How did the Kingfisher bird, Blue Mussels, Galapagos Sharks, Honey Bees, a Forest floor, Orchids – each inspire designs that changed the way engineers; scientists; manufacturers; and designers began to perceive the World of Design?

We invite you to an Immersion into the world of Biomimicry.
Participate, Engage, and Explore.